Ideal Penis Size

What is the Ideal Penis Size in 2024?

Penis size may not matter in most relationships, but it matters to some women. To find out what is the ideal penis size researchers gave 75 women the opportunity to handle 33 prosthetic dicks–printed in blue, a technique that minimizes racial skin-color cues–and sort them into categories for long-term partners and one night standers.

Previous studies on penis preference used vague qualitative descriptions and 2-D line drawings, but this study incorporated 3-D models. It also used haptic (touch) and visual information to increase accuracy.

When it comes to Length

A 2015 study showed that women prefer an average sized penis, but they may vary their preference based on whether they are considering a long term lover or one night stand. The researchers presented 75 sexually experienced females with 33 prosthetic phalluses, made of a cylinder topped by a dome (the fake willies were all blue to minimize racial bias).

They were asked to sort the phalluses into two groups: their ideal penis size for a long-term partner and their ideal penis size for a one night stand. Women who were considering a longer-term relationship preferred a larger penis than those who were looking for a shorter-term partner.

However, the attractiveness return on bigger genitals starts to decrease at a flaccid length of 2.99 inches (7.6 centimeters). This could be because the penis doesn’t seem to get much bigger above that point, and stretching exercises like jelqing can actually cause pain and injury. In addition, the research indicated that women who were sexually experienced reported being more accurate in their size estimations than those with less experience.


More than half of women find that any penis size between 5-8 inches sexually satisfies them. However, a larger penis could pose a threat of infection and increase friction that may lead to more vulva pain. Levels of dissatisfaction with penis size appear to decrease with age. While 17.2% of men aged 18 to 24 said that their penis size lowered their sexual confidence, this figure dropped to only 10.6% of those over 45.

Researchers in California asked 75 sexually active women to rate their penis size preferences using 3D models of erect phalluses. Each consists of a cylinder representing the shaft, topped by a dome representing the head. The results showed that women favoured a slightly longer length for their ideal penis, but the return on bigger genitals starts to diminish after a flaccid length of 2.99 inches (7.5 centimeters). The height of the model had little impact on the preference, with participants choosing a similar model regardless of their height.


Unlike length, thickness does not seem to matter much in terms of penis size. A study found that men in the 95th percentile for erect penis length (meaning out of 100 men, only five would have longer ones) have a thickness of about 6.3 inches. That’s about two ladies’ fists and a knuckle worth, or about three Lindt Lindor chocolates.

Women seem to prefer a penis size between 7 and 8 inches when it comes to sexual satisfaction. “Goldilocks” penis size is big enough to satisfy but not so big that it becomes uncomfortable. However, above that point there is a decline in climax-inducing power, according to research.

Shape – Straight vs Curved

Concerns about penis size are unique from those related to other body features. Genital appearance is not a feature that is visible to most intimate partners, while weight, muscle mass, amount of head hair and body hair, and height are all readily apparent to other people.

Men who are worried about their penis’ shape may be able to ease some of their anxiety by learning more about the shape of an ideal penis. The best way to judge this is by comparing a flaccid penis with an erect one, but most studies have used only visual or qualitative descriptions of the penis’ shape.

While women have shown a consistent preference for larger penises, these preferences tend to shift with relationship expectations. For example, women who seek pleasure from long term partners prefer smaller penis sizes than those who seek pleasure from one time sex partners. This could be due to the fact that women prefer more feminine attributes in their longer term partners and a desire for novelty in one-time sexual experiences.